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The Mask Launch

Exciting Changes at Beauteque: The Mask Launch


          When I started Beauteque two years ago, I had a dream to introduce Korean beauty to more people in the West. At that time, products such as BB Cushions and Essences were not as well known, but now they are essentials in a beauty lover’s’s vanity. Korean Beauty has truly paved its way through the American market, especially in the last few years. Several of these brands have been introduced to many well-known fashion, beauty, and lifestyle retailers. Skincare brands such as Laneige and Tony Moly have made it to the shelves of large stores including Target, Sephora, Ulta, and more. Even the Amore Pacific owned brand, Aritaum, has opened 70 stores throughout the US and Canada, which is plenty of evidence to prove that K-beauty has made it big and will be here to stay. These beauty brands deserve their accolades because of their high quality formulas in innovative packaging sold at a cost effective price. Those three benefits all in one have satisfied the typical beauty lover

        With Korean beauty becoming mainstream, there are many types of products that are now being introduced to the beauty scene. BB Cream first made its stride in 2012, and afterwards came BB and CC Cushions.  In the skincare department, there is much more to discuss. The new trend is to now have a 10 step skincare routine with products such as cleansers, treatments, exfoliators, masks, and more. Masks have really become a staple item in the Korean beauty realm. There are several different types of masks such as sheet, wash off, hand, feet, and more. But, with seeing these masks now showing up in various store and online retailers, I have also noticed some things that I am concerned about and wish to improve.

         When talking to friends or researching online for people’s feedback who shop in these stores, there are a lot of comments such as the masks being overpriced and them not being the best quality. Another concern that many have is that they are unsure of which mask to purchase for their own skin concern and type. Within the past year, I have heard a lot of similar complaints which drove me to think more about what can be done to help these issues. It inspired me to rebrand my company and launch as a mask marketplace instead. I want to be able to address the concerns that these shoppers have. After spending a lot of time researching and brainstorming what I can do better for mask shoppers, I have redeveloped our company to be able to promise: Quality, Variety, Personalization, Education, Trend, and Price.


  • Quality: Beauteque guarantees quality. All masks in our store are always tried and tested before they are sold. Our team makes sure that everything is 100% real and the best quality. Our goal is to be the filter for our customers before they even start shopping so they are always assured the best.


  • Variety: We currently have 800+ different masks in our store and our range is continuously growing. We carry all types, from classic brands to new ones that are trending now on the scene. Our team constantly researches to see what is popular and liked when we source masks. We are also always open to suggestions so if anyone has masks they would like to see in our site, they can email


  • Personalization: We know how difficult it is at times to find the right mask for yourself, so we have come up with a solution for it.  On our site, you are able to filter by skin concern, ingredient(s), brand, mask type, mask fabric, and specialty mask to narrow down the range of masks best for you.


  • Education: Our goal is to become the mask mentor for our customers. We want to be your helping hand whether it be learning more about the history of masks, understanding what the best mask is for themselves, or becoming educated on the current trends. We would like to start off educating through our blog. We will also have a livechat and phone line (eventually) where people can contact if they have questions about what types of masks are best for them.


  • Trend: We promise trend. With so many Hollywood stars now masking, we are confident that this is now the new “next thing”. Our team will always source for the coolest masks on the market, so you never need to worry about falling behind in beauty (masking) trends.


  • Price: At the end of the day, everyone wants to purchase high quality products at a cost effective price and Beauteque understands that. This is why we are here to make sure that the masks on our site are among the most well priced in the industry.

We will officially be launching the new mask focused Beauteque on July 1st. There will be a new website with features such as our mask filter, revamped blog, and a fresh range of masks that will be launched. I am truly excited for our new chapter and hope that everyone will be as well. I can’t wait to see you all on July 1st.



Elina Hsueh